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Feds failed to protect 1,800 wild horses sold for slaughter

+ Over a four-year period, the federal government sold 1,800 wild horses for $10 apiece to a Colorado rancher, Tom Davis, who assured them that he would not sell them to a slaughterhouse. But he did just that, selling them for about $100 each “across to border to Mexico, where he knew they would be killed for their meat,” reports GovExec. The Bureau of Land Management is being faulted for failing to enforce its own policies to make sure that no harm would come to the horses, according to a report by the Interior Department’s inspector general.

+ Must-read by the Center for Public Integrity’s Jamie Smith Hopkins: For workers who suffer from chemically induced illnesses and other job-related diseases that take years to develop, the current workers’ compensation system is hardly effective, leaving them to bear the burden of the health care costs.

+ An Alabama couple who claim that anti-nausea drug Zofran caused their child’s birth defects – their son had three holes in his heart – is suing drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline in federal court, claiming that the company hid its knowledge of such serious side effects from patients. Since these allegations first surfaced in February, more than 60 individual person injury lawsuits have been consolidated.

+ The conservative hero who made headlines by challenging the Federal Election Commission’s right to limit individual donations to candidates and political groups wants to be a delegate for Donald Trump. “He’s an outsider. He’s got resources. And he’s tapping into what the American people want: a fighter,” Shaun McCutcheon told Bloomberg.


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