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This statistic tells you everything about the failure of the war on drugs in Afghanistan

+ The most depressing bullet points in the overwhelmingly pessimistic new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction: The U.S. has provided $8.2 billion for counternarcotics efforts in Afghanistan and yet the country remains the global leader in illicit opium cultivation and production, US and Afghan officials are unable to accurately account for billions of dollars in investments in health and education + ISIS is now in Afghanistan!

+ The largest car title lender in the country, TMX Finance, has been able to skirt Florida’s ban on triple-digit interest rates “by offering loans larded with costly and nearly useless insurance products,” reports Paul Kiel.

+ The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was so outraged that the final version of a new EPA rule limits the reach of the Clean Water Act, putting at risk up to 10 percent of water bodies that supply drinking water, that it requested its name be removed from all agency documents referring to the rule, reports Greenwire.

+ The director of southern Nevada’s agency that provides housing to low-income families is under fire for alleged misuse of resources and gender discrimination. John Hill, head of Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, is accused of using the agency’s staff to work at a charity event involving his wife and of behaving in a discriminatory manner with female executives, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.