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Top Valeant exec in the sights of Congressional investigators

+ He may just have the worst Bond villain name imaginable but Laizer Kornwasser is becoming a poster boy for the burgeoning scandal over Valeant, the drug company under fire for its price increases and relationship with specialty pharmacy, Philidor Rx Services. Kornwasser is the highest-ranking exec at the company to be on the radar of Congressional Democrats investigating Valeant and he’s one of the main characters in the damning report (see below) published a few weeks ago, which noted that he was hired personally by CEO Michael Pearson on the same day that Philidor was incorporated in Delaware.

+ One of the biggest politically active nonprofits in the country was virtually the only supporter of Carolina Rising, the North Carolina group that spent $4.7 million on ads supporting now-Sen. Thom Tillis’ successful run to unseat incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan in 2014, reports the Center for Responsive Politics.

+ Three major universities in Texas – Texas A&M University, the University of Houston and Trinity University – are being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights over how they handled allegations of sexual violence on their campuses, according to documents obtained by The Texas Tribune.

+ In a case that highlights how white-collar crime remains a relatively low priority for state prosecutors, a couple implicated in a Ponzi scheme that stole more than $1 million in cash and diamonds from Atlanta victims was released on low bail (and subsequently fled to New York City) because the judge didn’t want to put them in jail for what is considered a property crime, reports Atlanta TV station, 11Alive.

Watch this report from 11Alive:

Inmates punished with 20 years in solitary for making a rap video

+ For the crime of making a music video that shows them rapping, beatboxing and dancing in a jail cell, seven inmates at South Carolina’s Kershaw Correctional Institution were handed a combined 20 years in solitary confinement, according to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


+ “Police departments should not exist if their sole purpose is to generate revenue,” Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington nonprofit, tells Bloomberg News. He was referring to the closure of several St. Louis area police departments in the wake of a post-Ferguson law which states that traffic citations in the county’s municipalities can’t exceed 12.5 percent of annual operating revenue, down from 30 percent.

+ Campus sexual assault policies are facing tough scrutiny at some colleges, including the University of Minnesota, where one alleged assailant’s punishment consisted of disciplinary probation, mandatory counseling, and an assignment to write a paper, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

+ Despite the wealth of evidence showing that Maine’s poor and unemployed spend disproportionately on the lottery, the state shelled out millions to advertise its lottery in recent years – tripling its advertising budget, installing flat-screen TVs in stores to advertise jackpots and more, according to an investigation by the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting.