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Just across the border, Canada is preparing to welcome 700 Syrians a day

+ Amid strong resistance from many U.S. lawmakers to taking in Syrian refugees – and just across a relatively porous border – Canada is preparing for a flood of immigrants from the war-torn country. As many as 900 Syrian refugees could land each day – or 6,300 per week – in Toronto and Montreal starting as soon as December 1, as part of “Operation Syrian Refugees,” according to documents obtained by CTV News. They will be screened by Canadian officials, who will examine documents and biometric data.

+ Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent over four decades cultivating a global network of donors, raising at least $3 billion for their political campaigns and the family’s charitable foundation, according to a stunning investigation by the Washington Post. Along the way, the power couple pioneered fundraising techniques “that have transformed modern politics and paved the way for them to potentially become the first husband and wife to win the White House.”