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Corrupt Justice: When judges hide their links to litigants and their lawyers

+ Corrupt justice: Judges in local, state and federal courts across the U.S. often hide their connections to litigants and their lawyers, as revealed in a must-read investigation by the Contently Foundation for Investigative Reporting and the Guardian.

+ The man accused of spoofing some of the world’s biggest futures exchanges is a Russian chess genius who once dated Gorbachev’s granddaughter and calls himself a “clinical observer of human carnival” on his LinkedIn profile.

+ Yet more controversy surrounding the embattled F-35 program, the fighter jet which has cost the Pentagon billions of dollars in cost overruns over the last decade. For pilots weighing less than 135 pounds, there is a 98 percent probability of fatal injury during ejections from the plane at 160 knots, according to documents obtained by Roll Call.

+ This judge in Mississippi says that anyone charged with a crime is a criminal as he defends the state’s lack of funding to cover the costs of public defense for indigent suspects.