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Over a year after VA exposé, some vets are ‘actually waiting longer for care’

+ Since massive backlogs at Veterans Affairs hospitals were exposed last summer, the agency has spent billions of dollars on improvements but today many vets in Portland and elsewhere are “actually waiting longer for care than they were before the backlogs were brought to light,” reports KOIN 6 News. The rate of vets in Portland who had to wait over 30 days for care (7%) was more than twice the national average of 3%.

+ After a yearlong internal investigation, Nestle confirms that the fish in its Purina pet food is caught by impoverished migrant workers who are lured by false promises to labor in brutal conditions.

+ In the wake of an Army colonel’s allegations that the Pentagon is dragging its heels on his performance review because he raised concerns about a $800 million tax force that supervised a ridiculous expensive $43 million natural gas filling station in Afghanistan, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is demanding answers from Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

+ Two teens died in a car crash at a railroad crossing in Miami, despite multiple complaints over the past two years to CSX Transportation about problems with the intersection, reports NBC 6.

Veterans agency continues to mislead on wait-time manipulation

+ As the nation honors its veterans today, the head of the Veterans Administration continues to mislead the public about the agency’s notorious problems getting vets the medical care they deserve in a timely manner. During a speech last Friday at the National Press Club, Robert McDonald said 300 VA staffers are facing disciplinary action for manipulating the data over wait-times for veterans. But fact-checkers at the Washington Post point out that actually far fewer such employees – about 15 – face discipline, according to the VA’s own records.

+ Six months after FOX6’s Brad Hicks began his “Risk on the Rails” that raised questions about railroad secrecy on bridge safety, the federal government is taking action by warning the industry. “If railroads continue to respond with silence on the issue of bridge safety, Congress will ask us to step in more aggressively,” Sarah Feinberg, new Federal Railroad Administration administrator said.

+ In Texas, where officers are required by law to record the race of every person they pull over as part of a policy intended to prevent racial profiling, almost 2 million reports incorrectly marked the race of Hispanics as “white,” reports KXAN Austin.

+ In an incident that will add steam to anti-immigration rhetoric, a Dallas police officer was run over outside a nightclub, requiring hospitalization due to his severe injuries, by a suspect who has been deported three times but habitually avoids Border Patrol in his crossings.